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Residents and families regularly compliment us on how it feels to enter our building. “When I came through the door, I felt like I was home.” “I’ve never felt this way at any other facility.” “It feels like home.” are comments we hear regularly at Montrose Health Center. Our residents always come first and we are committed to making them feel this is their home and we are a part of their family. This is what makes Montrose Health Center so unique and different from the rest.

Montrose Health Center is a locally owned and operated facility nestled in the quiet little town of Montrose, IA. We are your local high quality place for intermediate and skilled nursing care. We offer long and short term care for people needing care after a hospitalization or when you need more assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, and dressing. Our home has a bed capacity of just 46 beds, making it a very unique setting for our residents. To promote a home like atmosphere we encourage residents to ‘Bring your nest!’ You are welcome to bring things from home to make you feel at home. These items may include your own recliner, night stand, lamp, dresser, pictures, etc., and in some instances, even your own bed or electric scooter.

The staff are licensed, trained professionals with experience in the health care field. Upon admission, an individualized plan of care is developed and designed to meet each resident’s unique and special needs. Regular meetings are held to give the resident and family an opportunity to participate in the care and update them regarding any new information or plans.

From our Administrator. . .

David Payne, Administrator

When it comes to seeking care for yourself or a loved one, only the best will do! Montrose Health Center has established a reputation of being a high quality provider of skilled nursing care, offering 24-hour peace of mind to residents and families. Our residents enjoy an excellent employee to resident ratio and very low employee turnover. It takes very special people to provide the care you and your loved ones deserve and I believe WE HIRED THE BEST! We also offer a wide variety of spontaneous and scheduled activities, including BINGO, manicures, religious services, card games, live music, memory games, cooking, stretchercises, reminiscing, outings, and birthday parties. Space is available for private parties and special occasions.

Nestled in a quiet, country setting we’re not fancy by any means. Instead, I choose to provide a simple, clean, country atmosphere, which is attractive and comfortable. Montrose Health Center exists to provide a service rather than reap great monetary profits. Locally owned and operated, at Montrose Health Center, you can rest assured your hard-earned money is not filling the coffers of a property investment firm in some other state.

You have a choice. When you have a need for Rehabilitation or Nursing care, consider Montrose Health Center first! Montrose Health Center is a place you can feel at home. Sit on the front porch and breathe the fresh morning air. Enjoy the many flowers and our dog “Maggie.” Visit the living room to view the large aviary with a wide variety of colorful birds. Indulge in our cook-outs with fresh-grilled burgers & brats. Participate in one of the many group activities or just enjoy TV or a book in the quiet of your room. Just imagine, no worries. Leave the worrying to us. Let us do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and building & lawn maintenance. No more worrying about errands to the pharmacy and grocery store. The outstanding staff at Montrose Health Center will attend to your personal and medical needs. We’ll take care of it all for you. Just sit back and relax, enjoy our many activities, the quiet country atmosphere, and the wonderful group of people here we call “family”.

David Payne, LNHA











About Us.

Inhance Corporation was originally incorporated as Fort Madison Nursing Care Center, Inc. In late 1969 after an effort was spearheaded by community minded citizens to build Fort Madison’s first modern facility for the care of the aged and infirm. Fort Madison Nursing Care Center opened as a bright, cheerful and modern 80 bed facility in January 1971.
In 1979, the corporation purchased the nursing home in Montrose. Montrose Health Center consists of 46 beds and is an important part of the community. It is the largest employer in Montrose as well as making it possible for many of its residents to remain in their community after they are no longer able to live at home.
In 1984 a need was seen to offer more extensive home health care for local residents who preferred to receive needed care in their own homes. This enabled many to reduce costs and remain in their homes, at least for a longer period of time. This organization became known as Mobile Health Care, Ltd. and was later changed to Mobile Nursing Services, Ltd. This was the areas’ first private home health care delivery system.
In 1991 it was clear that the corporation had outgrown its origins and its name. It was reorganized and the name of the corporation was changed from Fort Madison Nursing Care, Inc. to Inhance Corporation. The nursing facilities were separately incorporated and became Fort Madison Health Center, Inc. and Montrose Health Center, Inc. These added to Mobile Nursing Services, Ltd. make up the three primary companies of Inhance. All are wholly owned subsidiaries of Inhance Corporation, but have separate board of directors who oversee the corporate functions.