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Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Therapy

Short-Term Inpatient Rehabilitation Therapy:
A short term, inpatient rehab stay, is sometimes required after a hospital stay to continue recovery from surgery, illness, stroke, or other conditions. Working with your doctor, we’ll design an individualized care plan to fit your needs, condition, age, and activity level. Our therapy team will work with you to continue your recovery, help reach your health goals, rebuild and strengthen, to get you back to your independent lifestyle,
level of fitness and activity, prior to the illness or injury, so you can return to your home, job, or a lesser level of care.

We’ll also help coordinate a seamless transition from the hospital to our facility, and back home again. Short-term stays vary from 2-4 weeks usually. If your care plan requires continued care after your short-term stay, you may opt for in-home healthcare through Mobile Nursing Services. Just let us know and we can help to set up home health care for you.

Rehabilitation to Improve Quality of Life:
Our goal is always to return patients to their optimum level of function to ensuring their maximum level of independence. The physical therapy staff work to restore normal function, while addressing pain, muscle weakness, loss of motion or lack of coordination and balance.

We offer:

  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies.
    Interdisciplinary treatment approach.
    Family involvement in treatment and care planning processes.
    Pre-admission screenings to assess each patient’s needs and develop their individual program.

Some of our programs include:

  • Training for Activities of Daily Living to increase functional independence.
    Gait training to strengthen the lower extremities, improving balance and endurance, increasing functional mobility.
    Upper body Training to improve mobility, trunk stability, and increasing independence.
    Speech/Swallowing training to improve oral motor skills and strengthening the swallow mechanism to ensure safe eating and maximum independence.

Physical Therapy includes:

Overall Strength and Conditioning, Balance Techniques, Gait Training and Ambulation, Stair Climbing, Transfer Training, and Manual Therapy

Occupational Therapy includes:

Strength and Conditioning, Balance Techniques, Activities of Daily Living (bathing, dressing, clothing/item retrieval). Specific techniques to improve ability to dress/bathe and, in general, be more independent with daily routine.

Speech Therapy includes:

Swallowing evaluation and treatment. Expressive Language: ability to make wants and needs known (verbally, communication board), intelligibility, rate of speech, prosody (inflection, tone)
Receptive Language: ability to understand verbal or written language (following directions, identification of objects/pictures, auditory processing).