The sizzling hot days of July are opportunities for the Activity Department to keep it cool!

July will highlight the Fabulous Floats of Summer series.  Everyone’s favorite float memory is a Root Beer Float from the days of A&W drive-in with the window trays and carhops and their delicious frosty mugs!  We plan to try other floats like Orange Creamsicle, Purple Cow, and a Green with Envy treat.  Can you recommend another float?  Send the idea to Activity Director Laura Zechin.

You have heard of the Dog Days of Summer.  We plan a Dog Day and will bring our own dogs to be here with our residents. Wagging tails and fur to pet will certainly delight our residents! Every dog has his/her own personality.

Other events will include music, food and drink, crafts, spiritual encouragement, and time to gather together to share our days. Summers are family time.  We are the MHC family!