What was it like in 1923?

Calvin Coolidge was US President and Nathan Edward Kendall was the Iowa Governor. The Keokuk Dam and Powerhouse had been open for 10 years. Ford Model T’s were still one of the favorite automobiles and the Avenue of the Saints was known as the Red Ball Route and ran on what is now highways 218/61. The American Fork & Hoe Company was in business in Montrose.  This was the year Velveeta Cheese Loaf was invented, Baby Ruth candy bars were introduced, and Firestone Company began making inflatable tires.  Time magazine began publication and Roy & Walt Disney founded the Walt Disney Company.  Dress hemlines were rising to mid-calf. Prohibition was the law of the land. Yankee Stadium (The House that Ruth Built) was opened and the Yankees won the 1923 World Series.  “Yes, We Have No Bananas” by Billy Jones was at the top of the music charts. Radio was becoming big!

This was the year that a baby girl named Evelyn was born on a farm south of Montrose.  We will be celebrating her 100th Birthday at Montrose Health Center on Thursday, March 16, at 2:15pm with Ice Cream Sundaes for all! Anyone who would like to send her a card may do so: Montrose Health Center, PO Box 248, Montrose IA 52639.  A century of living---that is amazing!