Hello Happy Campers!  June just happens to be National Camping Month and although we won’t be camping under the stars, we do have a tradition here in our MHC kitchen that we treat our residents to every summer that reminds us of cooking over a campfire and it is always a crowd pleaser!  That tradition is making foil pack meals as a fun and delicious lunch!   We prepare these by choosing a variety of vegetables and either chicken or beef and we wrap it up all together in a foil pack with some seasonings, margarine and a few ice cubes.  We then seal the foil pack up and bake them in the oven.  For this month’s foil pack meal, we will include a seasoned beef patty, fresh tomatoes, corn, carrots, fresh green beans and baby potatoes.  We will finish this deliciousness off with a baked fruit cobbler reminiscent of campfire cooking in Dutch ovens.  

We hope you all have a wonderful summer and have a chance to enjoy all the delectable tastes of Summer!

Diane Sugars

Dietary Supervisor