Influenza season is upon us!  In addition to vaccination, here are 5 healthy habits that will help prevent the flu! 

  1.       Practicing healthy habits year-round 

It’s always good to practice healthy habits, but that’s especially true when you’re sick. Whether you have the flu or not, getting proper sleep, exercising, drinking enough water each day, and eating a healthy diet can help keep your whole body working the way it should. 

  1.       Stay home when you’re sick 

If possible, stay home from work, school, errands, and activities when you are sick. This will help protect your already weakened immune system and keep you from passing on your illness to others. 

  1.       Wash your hands, often! 

Throughout the day, we touch a lot of things—from doorknobs to railings to elevator buttons—which could be spreading germs. Washing your hands often will help prevent you from both catching the virus and spreading it—via touch—into the world around you. 

  1.       Keep your germs to yourself 

Covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough is not only common courtesy—it can help keep those around you from getting sick. And whether you’re sick or someone else is, keeping your distance and avoiding close contact can help protect you both. 

5.Take your medicine 

If you get the flu and your doctor prescribes medication to treat it, make sure you take it. Taking your medication as prescribed can help give you relief from your flu symptoms and could actually shorten the time that you’re sick.