Happy New Year from the Dietary Staff at Montrose Health Center!  Here it is January already and our residents are enjoying many hearty, hot delicious comfort foods here are Montrose Health Center.  Our residents really seem to enjoy our breakfast choices as we offer a different option each day.  Some of those options are fried eggs and sausage, pumpkin pancakes and bacon, sausage gravy and freshly made biscuits and sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches just to name a few of our main dish breakfast items.  These tasty offerings are always served with a side of fruit and a choice of several juices including orange, apple, grape, and cranberry.  Donuts or Danishes are also offered every day for those who like to start their day off with fresh brewed hot coffee and a donut. So, are you can see, our dedicated kitchen staff at Montrose Health Center make sure that our residents start each day off a satisfying breakfast!  

Thank you always, for allowing us to serve your family, it is our pleasure and honor!

Diane Sugars  

Dietary Supervisor