The Activity Department is embracing the old & new traditions of the Christmas season during the month of December. Nothing screams nostalgia like the holidays. Our goal is to encourage participation in traditions that bring back the good memories for our residents while freshening those traditions with new twists.

   Staff and residents will trim the big Christmas tree together, enjoying hot chocolate afterwards. As always, crafting is a vital part of the season. In 2021, we are creating pinecone trees and hosting a Lost Canvas painting class for our residents who wish to tackle a new skill. Create Your Own Painted Sugar Cookie, a Brownie Day, RumChata Hot Chocolate, and Eggnog are on deck to celebrate those unforgettable holiday food cravings. Christmas stories and timeless music and New Bethel Church’s home shopping event will all bring joy to our people once again. Right Left Christmas stories with gifts passing back and forth are making an appearance during this Christmas’ merrymaking. It wouldn’t be Christmas without an opportunity to give to others…so our residents will participate in Montrose Police’s Fill the Squad Car event with toy donations. Last, but not least, our residents will have time to celebrate the Reason for Season with Christmas Scriptures and Bible Study throughout the month. The best things in life are old and new! Merry Christmas to each of our Montrose Health Center extended family members!