Resident Birthdays Sandy A. - 12/23 Keith R. - 12/13 Staff Birthdays Tammy Hopp - 12/3 Laura Zechin - 12/8 Olivia Moore - 12/21
Lynn Carter - 12/10 - 41 years Kellie Whitmore - 12/31 - 17 years
RE: Holiday Visitation As the holidays approach we are receiving questions about our policies relating to holiday visitation. We understand how difficult this year has been with COVID-19. Not being able to visit in person is not easy, and the upcoming holiday season doesn’t make it any easier. Unfortunately, COVID-19...
Influenza season is approaching. Please take a minute and remember to get your flu shot. Also remember to continue practicing good handwashing, wear masks, and safe social distancing. Stay healthy! Amy Derr, Director of Nursing