Hello, everyone and hello April! It is almost time for Dietary to switch out menus to our Spring/Summer menus. I can’t wait to see what we will be having. We love making new things for the residents. And they love trying new things as well. So that’s always exciting for us.

I am starting a new thing in April, and I will continue to do it once a month. I will invite residents to come to the main dining room and we will go through cookbooks. We will be looking for a recipe for all of us to make. Letting them be hands on. Whether it’s peeling apples or measuring flour, they get the chance to do it themselves with assistance if needed. They will scoop the cookie dough or muffins into the pan. I will then put them in the oven. Then the next day we will serve what we have made for lunch. It gives the residents that love to bake or cook a chance to continue to do what they love, and they can share it with those around them.

Have a fantastic April!

Brandy Rule

Dietary Supervisor