November is a Month for Thankful Hearts

   The Activity Department is grateful for many in our community who bring joy to our residents.

Our musicians and line dancers bring melodies and memories and smiles.  Thank you, Noisy Neighbors Band, Jason Allen Humes, Over the Hill Gang, the Sunshine Sisters, Rick Marshall, Remembrance, the Keosippi Kickers, the Silver Steppers, our local students from Central Lee and Keokuk, and our resident pianist, Bernice.

Our church groups and local pastors, chaplains and priests help meet the spiritual needs of our people.  Thank you to the Montrose Church of the Nazarene, Montrose Methodist and all the local pastors who make visits.

Our educational speakers—Clay & Lia of Lee County Conservation, Officer Todd Shields, Captain Bruce Congdon, Hinterland Dairy’s Colleen Krogmeier, Green Frog Distillery’s JP Patterson.

Roger and Mary Sue Chatfield who bring New Montrose Journals to us and publish articles about our residents’ activities in the Daily Gate City and Daily Democrat and local Montrose Facebook pages.

Our front porch decorators & gardeners: Mr. & Mrs. Holtkamp

Lee County Floral does Senior Crafternoon events and shares bouquets with us.  The Watering Can brings lovely flowers. Mr. Galle from Sandusky shares his home-grown roses.

Our local Scouts & their leaders. Students’ artwork and cards for our residents. The Lestina family’s cheerful visits. The parades at the Watermelon Festival, Halloween, Central Lee Homecoming and Graduation. Central Lee Hawks’ Place and local daycare events.

Family members who visit their loved ones and give a few moments to chat with other residents.

Montrose Dog Boarding, Keokuk Animal Services, Central Lee’s Beth Wells & Atari the service dog, and Horse’n’Around Farms who bring the joy of animals to our people.

We are so blessed to have a community like this.  You folks do not forget our elderly citizens. When I network with activity directors from urban areas, they are amazed (and a bit envious) of what this area does for their seniors in the nursing home. Thank you from Montrose Health Center with all our hearts. Family members, if you meet any of these people, let them know you appreciate their outreach, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!