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Most people entering Long-Term Care or a Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation facility come from either a private home or a hospital.

If you are coming from a Hospital…
just tell them “I want to go to Montrose Health Center” and they will handle the arrangements for you.

If you are coming from a private home…..

  1. You must be seen by a doctor, within 30 days, prior to admission.
  2. You must request your physician’s office to fax some information to us at: 319-463-5439. This information should include the potential resident’s most recent History & Physical, a list of all diagnoses and a list of all medications currently being taken.
  3. We will review the information and contact you to schedule an in-person assessment.
  4. We will then let you know if we can accept the patient based on our ability to provide the care needed.
  5. You must complete and provide an Admission Application to the facility Administrator.
  6. Once all necessary paperwork is received and the Admissions team has determined we can accept this new admission, facility staff will call and notify you of the acceptance and schedule an admission date.
  7. The doctor’s office must then fax signed physician orders to the facility.